Andre de Abreu is an entertainment and gaming executive with 20 years of global expertise leading and shaping marketing, business, and communications strategies, managing small and large teams, advising executives, and crafting narratives for Fortune 500 corporations and startups across multiple industries, both agency and in-house.

Over the years, Andre de Abreu had the opportunity to counsel founders, C-suite executives, and teams, leading or contributing to the global launch of some of the most acclaimed brands in the world, expanding them to new audiences, amplifying reach, managing crisis, driving subscriber growth and revenue generation, while enabling people to express interests through products and brands, on top of building bridges between the companies he has worked for and some of the most celebrated brands in history.

As a known problem solver and a natural storyteller, this diverse trajectory helped Andre de Abreu build what is needed to navigate ambiguity while nurturing an “intrapreneur” work philosophy, developing the ability to translate complexity into simple and compelling narratives and business plans that turn customers into fans and brand advocates.

A passionate leader with a diverse background and heritage; a proactive and collaborative professional with an entrepreneurial spirit, Andre de Abreu uses innovative techniques and a contemporary approach to marketing, businesses, and communications to exceed goals through data and measurable metrics.